[title text=”Starphire Glass or Regular Glass” style=”center”]

So what does low iron glass mean? Standard glass is produced, when standard glass is produced they use iron oxide which leaves a greenish tint to the glass. It’s difficult to see the difference between low iron glass and standard glass until you compare them to a background or look at the edge. The two glass types will look virtually the same until you look at them against a background, which is effectively what we’re doing with aquariums. You can also look at the edges where the green is always very apparent. The low iron glass has more clarity and is very clear, hence the name water clear.

Also if the glass is 1 cm thick or more you will really start to see the green. Low iron glass works exactly the same as standard glass. It can be tempered, textured and laminated.

Although it seems like glass is just glass, there is differences and there may be a type that’s more appropriate for your home. You might want to opt for Starphire, low iron, water clear glass over the standard green tinted option.

Starphire Glass is simply beautiful, but we are more than happy to make the tank in the glass of your choosing, it’s important to understand that the starphire option will be more expensive than the traditional glass, so for that reason we recommend contacting us for a quote, or as a tip, you can request that we only use Starphire glass on the panels of your tank that you will be viewing the most! The front and sides is a popular choice!