Building your new tank.

We are here to set up and provide you with the aquarium you’ve always wanted

The first step in the process is establishing what sort of aquarium you would like. This is done through a consultation with Billy. What we will do is speak with you about the sort of tank you were liking, whether it is a coral reef, a fresh water set up or maybe a tank of predators. Each type of aquarium has certain needs. For example, you can’t really have predator fish in a small aquarium, as typically predator fish grow quite large.

So we will have a discussion about where you want the tank to go, what your budget for the build is, do you require specialist help with having the tank installed? As well as many other factors deciding the aquarium you were after. We then will discuss which filtration systems you were needing, if you need a sump (which is another smaller fish tank, underneath your display tank to hold all of your filtration equipment), we can build this for you. Any equipment you need, we can order for you.

After this, we can book in certain times for you to come to the warehouse in South Melbourne and see the progression of your aquarium as it is being built. Typically we have a 2-3 week turn around time from initial consultation to delivery of your aquarium. Certain factors can either quicken this process or slow it down but we will keep you updated!

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