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Create your dream aquarium

At Starfire Aquatics we've been building beautiful aquariums for over 10 years. No aquarium is too outlandish, too big or too small. We will make any of your aquarium dreams come true.

Fill with your animals

At this stage it's time to fill your aquarium with your dream animals. Starfire Aquatics has the ability to provide you with any of the animals you want for your new or existing aquarium

Ongoing care

Your aquarium animals require comprehensive care to remain in the best health possible. Starfire Aquatics provides services for ongoing aquarium care.


We are here to set up and provide you with the aquarium you've always wanted

We have an abundance of happy customers who every day, wake up, turn on the lights of their tanks, feed their fish and watch their animals grow in beautiful self-contained ecosystems. This is achieved by ensuring your aquarium is well loved from the very beginning. We will build you the aquarium to fit in the space that you want, we will provide you with the animals you want to keep inside your aquarium and to ensure their health is at it’s best, we provide after delivery ongoing care as well, maintaining your tank so it always looks at it’s best.


Some happy snaps
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Video tour of our favorite builds