Project: HUGE Penthouse Aquarium

Just finished this beautiful custom Aquarium installed in one of Melbourne’s best penthouses!

Tank Specs:

  • Custom Display True Starfire Glass 2000 x 650 x 1000mm
  • Custom satin finish cabinetry
  • Custom internal center back overflow box
  • Custom 5ft sump

Lit by Kessil A360xs
Using Reef Crystal evaporative salt from France

More to come soon!!

Project NIM Reef – Medical Centre

What a hectic day!! – We were presented with a few problems installing this fish tank, but Billy and the team planned around all of the obstacles and despite being one of the more difficult jobs we’ve done, we got there!

This 2.5 meter aquarium is finally in position and will be setup as a stunning reef tank.

Located in Hawthorn at the NIM Medical Centre.

Project Geelong

This aquarium in Geelong is one of the most BEAUTIFUL Fresh Water tanks you are likely to see, holding what many believe to be the most beautiful fresh water fish, the discuss.

The measurements are 310cm (Length) x 80cm (Width) x 80cm (Height) Starfire Tank

The client and I are both over the moon on how stunning this aquarium has come out!

Project Port Melbourne

This aquarium in Port Melbourne holds some of the most HIGH END equipment in the industry! Creating an amazing home for the inhabitants and fish!

The measurements are 190cm x 85cm x 120cm and will be the host of an amazing salt water aquarium!

It was an absolute honor building this! It is extremely unique and we are delighted as is the client with the final product!

Project Adelaide

WOW! What a fish tank! This BEHEMOTH of a tank spans at 260cm long, 140cm wide and 80cm high! Covered by six GORGEOUS lights, it is the host of dozens of beautiful fish.

It truly was a challenge and a pleasure installing this system, moving it from my warehouse in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, all the way to Adelaide!

This is a tank I will have my eyes on for a long time, as it’s sheer volume allows it to hold some of the worlds most beautiful fish!

Project Mt. Martha

I first was contacted by my client in Mt Martha to build and install their dream aquarium. It did have it’s fair share of challenges but we absolutely love a challenge and were glad to be able to build this wonderful aquarium for them!

This aquarium is close to 2 meters long, coming in at 1.83 meters! It is a Stunning True Starfire peninsula reef tank. Able to be viewed from the front, back and one side. With an incredible looking external bean animal overflow design.

Project Sydney

Project Sydney!

It was an absolute pleasure installing this tank for Aaron. What a task this was – personally delivering a tank from Melbourne to Sydney. Although, I can say, it was totally worth it! This is an aquarium to envy as the amazing location creates a serene water backdrop with wall to floor windows overlooking the stunning waterside views of Bayside. This monster is going to be set up with beautiful salt water fish. Its 8 foot length is long enough to house plenty of different species of coral and fish. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Thank you for choosing Starfire Aquatics.




Bubble Tip Anenome

E. quadricolor anemones appear in a variety of morphs, including rose, orange, red, and standard green. This sea anemone can grow to be up to 30 centimetres (0.98 ft) in diameter, and obtains the majority of its energy from solar radiation via its symbiotic zooxanthellae.

A characteristic of E. quadricolor is its ability to maintain a symbiotic relationship with the anemonefish, which can be “hosted” by the anemone by providing it with defence against predators and also providing some nourishment. In turn, the anemone provides the anemonefish with shelter.

Nutrients are generally obtained by filter feeding using its sweeping tentacles, or through wastes and debris cleaned from the surface of its partner anemonefish.

In the wild, E. quadricolor are found in two locations. Large adult specimens, with tentacles that are more streaming or stringy, are often found in deeper waters with more dimly lit conditions. These specimens are often solitary, while smaller, younger specimens are often located in groups or colonies nearer to the surface, in bright sunlight. These specimens tend to show the bulbous tips on their tentacles that are characteristic of E. quadricolor. The tips of the anemones will have their characteristic bulbs based on several parameters, including; flow, light, bacterial count, color, and if its hosting. When they are placed in home aquariums, medium flow and medium lighting will be sufficient if your tank is old enough to captivate anemones.

Credit to WikiPedia